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Photo of the day

I’m not sure if this is an instance of guerilla knitting or if someone just found a scarf and put it somewhere visible so its owner might see it when they came looking…. either way, the lion looked like it was enjoying its jaunty scarf on a nippy day.


A Cozy Ride

KBN bike

I am fortunate to have three yarn shops within walking distance from where I live and work  (not to mention three art supply shops…. it can be rather dangerous!) 

Today on my lunch break I went to the newest yarn shop, Knotty By Nature.  They sell fibre and tools for knitting, spinning, weaving, crochet and more, including local fibres and locally made items.  I went looking for (and found) something specific for a little project I’m working on… more on that later.

In the meantime, I thought I’d show you the bike that sits outside the shop. As you can see, it’s completely covered in knitting – sort of a bike slipcover, or bike cozy.  I love how the knitting is coming apart a bit on the back tire and the kick stand, as if someone’s actually been riding it.  It reminds me of the yarnbombing or guerilla knitting I’ve been reading about, where people cover public objects with pieces of knitting…. sort of grafitti with yarn.  I’ve seen photos of knitting wrapped around trees, lamp posts, statues…. even an entire bus covered in knitting!  Pretty cool, huh?