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Baked with love inside

I baked a cake yesterday…..

with a little surprise inside.

I’ll let you in on the secret…. the trick is all in the pans. One has a depression in the shape of the bottom half of the heart, the other has the top half. You fill the depressions with something gooey and yummy (I did raspberry mousse) before sandwiching them together. It’s very simple, but looks oh-so-clever when you slice the cake.

It was delicious, too…. but then you really can’t go wrong with chocolate and raspberries, can you?


Holidays = cookies

I had a fun day with my niece… out for lunch, browsing pet shops, watching a movie, and baking & decorating Valentine’s Day-inspired cookies  (what is it about holidays that makes me want to decorate cookies?) We ended up with dozens… I kept these, and she took home about three times as many. We discovered there was no vanilla in the cupboard to flavour them so used almond flavouring instead, and they turned out quite tasty.

The Superbowl was today… I didn’t watch it, other than to wander through the room now and then and ask Mike the score, but it was an excuse to make these….