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Inspired by Tiffany’s

When chatting with one of my favourite barristas, Jessica, one day we discovered a mutual affection for the colour Tiffany Blue. This led to sharing photos of my Tiffany Blue living room wall, and her Tiffany/Audrey Hepburn pillows, made by her mom, Susan. Hold on a sec…. “your mom made those?” I sensed a blog entry in the making…

Audrey pillow, complete with pearl necklace, and Tiffany box pillow

Jess sent me some more photos of her pretty apartment. The beautiful Tiffany Blue colour which, in my home, is used in a midcentury-modern vibe, is featured here in a vintage theme combined with white, cream and touches of black. Pillows, upholstered chairs and other handmade touches add personality.

a trio of lovely chairs

I think this is a lovely example of how a rental apartment can become something other than ordinary, and display your personal style.    

It looks like it must have been a fun project…. I wish I’d had a place as cute as this for my first apartment!