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Retro Stocking

In our home, we are big fans of mid-century modern design. When it comes to Christmas, though, most of the decorations that are available are fairly traditional. I’ve kept an eye out the last couple of years for stockings that would fit our style, but have never found any, so this year I decided to make some.

Referring to these glasses (our prized set made up of eBay and second hand shop finds) for inspiration:

I cut two stocking-shaped pieces of grey felt, then some retro shapes from red and white felt, and sewed them on.

As a finishing touch I embroidered some atomic star shapes before sewing the front and back stocking pieces together.

Another one in red, with white and gray shapes, and we have a pretty cool pair of midcentury stockings!

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Man’s shirt to sweet dress

Here’s a recent sewing project…. I made a little dress for a friend’s daughter, who just turned one. I used this tutorial,which shows how to make a toddler’s dress out of a man’s shirt. I started by going to a thrift shop, where I found a few shirts for $3.

The tutorial has excellent instructions, so I won’t repeat all the details here. As you can see, I kept it handy for reference while I was cutting the pieces.

I measured the tiny recipient for chest and length, and also measured a few dresses in a store to check proportions and the length for the shoulder straps.

A shortcut I made… for the shoulder straps with their fluttery cap sleeves, I cut pieces from the bottom edge of the shirt sleeves. That way, I didn’t have to make elastic casings – I just used the hemmed edge that was already there, it worked quite nicely. I also made some little cuts on the curved edge to make it easier to fold and iron neatly. The pleated trim at the top of the bodice, and contrasting band at the hem, are from a second shirt with complementary thin stripes.

I left the sewing until the day of the birthday party (no surprise there…. I have been given the nickname “The Procrastinatrix,” after all) but I finished it with half an hour to spare. It was good to get the sewing machine out again and let it stretch its legs, even if I couldn’t remember how to thread the bobbin and had to wind it by hand!

The finished dress, front and back. I’m rather pleased with how this turned out…

….but sweeter than that – here’s the wee girl herself modelling the finished product.