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Hot off the needles…. a springtime scarf/ shawl/wrap.

I’m pretty happy with how this turned out, since I made up the pattern myself. I wanted something sort of simple and not too lacey, with a bit of interest but nothing that would compete with the lovely peachy colours of the yarn. (McClellan Fingering by Three Irish Girls in the Georgia Peach colourway)

The process was a lot of fun, even if I did undo and re-knit several times. I started with just stocking stitch, then decided to add bands of moss stitch, divided by rows of eyelets. At the end I finished with a band of garter stitch, but broke it up with vertical rows of single knit stitches, and finally finished with a scalloped edge. I had only the teeniest bit of yarn left when I cast off the last stitch… whew!


Thinking Pink

While I was at home with the flu last week, a lovely package arrived in the mail from Three Irish Girls.  Back in July, I’d spotted their gorgeous limited edition colourway of yarn called Georgia Peach in “Sock Summit 2009” and HAD to order some.  They were inundated with orders, apparently, and it took longer than expected to arrive, but I was glad it came when it did…. what a nice pick-me-up in the midst of my fever, chills and aches.

The yarn is McClellan Fingering, a merino/bamboo blend which is lovely and soft, but with a bit of sheen to it. And it’s just so…. peachy!  I have no idea what I will knit with it. For now I’m just enjoying admiring the skein as it is. If a skein of yarn can be a work of art, this one surely is.

The second yarn I ordered is Beckon Stretch Merino, in the colourway called Elsbeth.  As a friend just pointed out, it’s rather reminiscent of Neapolitan ice cream.

Normally I’m drawn to blues and greens, but apparently I was in a pink mood on the day I placed this order. I’m glad though, they did brighten my day. 

In the last few days, although still coughing and sniffling, I’ve felt up to doing some knitting. I finished a hat (except for weaving in the loose ends)…. this is made from my own hand-dyed yarn, kettle-dyed in a workshop I did in the summer. I’m happy with the denim-y look of it. The hat weighs 72 grams, and the leftover yarn weighs 54 grams…. I’m looking for a lacey pattern to hopefully squeeze a second hat out of it.

I also made a lacey scarf out of a mossy-green-with-touches-of-blue Malabrigo, this went up really quickly as it’s the fourth time I’ve knit this pattern (Ishbel).

I had a couple of green yarns queued up for my next projects but that pink yarn calling to me.  I think there is a pair of Neapolitan Ice Cream gloves in my future…..

My Strawberry Ishbel


3476583061_5561e80f0b_bRecently, I dyed some yarn with Kool-aid (and blogged about it here). 

This was the result I got with Strawberry and Tropical Punch flavours.  I really liked how it looked in this state, as a skein – a lovely blend of pinky tones from nearly-white to almost-red.

I decided to try making Ishbel, a lovely, lacey shawl/scarf by the Scottish designer, Ysolda Teague. I made the smaller version of the pattern, a triangular scarf. 

3975094974_93549375e2_bThe Malabrigo Lace yarn is so soft, it makes a very luxurious and cozy scarf.  The stripes from my dye job didn’t quite strike my fancy, however… they were a bit too strong and distracted from the lace pattern.

After doing a little reading online about overdyeing and colour-mixing with Kool-aid, I decided to overdye the finished scarf with Black Cherry flavour (which, as far as I can tell, is not available in Canada – but a knitter friend of mine had some to share).

The tricky thing is that you need heat to set the dye, but when natural fibre yarn is heated it can easily felt.  I mixed two packets of Black Cherry Kool-aid and a bit of blue food colouring in a crock pot full of cold water. It looked very dark, sort of inky purple. I submerged the folded-up scarf, put the lid on, and turned the crock pot on low. Then I left it alone, resisting temptation to poke and prod and see how it was doing. 

3975094248_b86709c681_bAfter a few hours, the yarn had soaked up all the dye, and the water was clear. It’s quite amazing how that works! I turned off the crock pot and let it cool down before I removed the scarf, rinsed and blocked it. The colour was a bit of a surprise, I was expecting a darker reddish-violet, but as you can see it ended up in autumnal shades of brownish/orangey red. 

Any knitters familiar with Ishbel will probably see the mistakes I made!  But, considering it’s my first completed lace project, I’m pretty happy with it.