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The other day I went to check out this mural in a downtown alley… made of sugar! This unique mural was made by artist Shelley Miller. A temporary creation, obviously, and by the time I went to see it on a wet day, parts of it had already fallen off… but I actually like the way the rainy weather has influenced the picture…. it looks like it’s raining at sea.

You can read more about the mural  here, and see what it looked like when it was first installed, before the rain.

On my way to see the sugar mural, I passed some other temporary street art.
This artist has been recreating Old Masters paintings (currently Renoir) in approximately the same location for years. I often walk past them, and I’m intrigued by the idea of creating art with such a short life span… putting time and effort into making something that will be affected by the elements, so people can enjoy it…. but only for a little while.

I like the images best after a few days, when the chalk starts to fade… either from rain, or foot traffic.

Often there are two or three drawings in a row… a bright, new one, and others that are more ghostly, disappearing into the sidewalk.