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Blossom time!

The trees have started blooming in my city… I just can’t resist snapping a ton of photos this time of year!  

These are a few I took with my iPhone, and then played with in Photoshop.   

I believe the plum trees are the first to blossom… or is it the cherry trees? I’m not sure, but I never tire of the show of pink and white against a blue sky.



Phun with Photoshop

A little experimenting in Photoshop this afternoon. I used a few different layers, some I created myself, and also a texture from here.

The first image is a picture of some tulips I bought at the market yesterday.  The one of cherry blossoms below was a happy accident… I forget what I was trying to do, but this wasn’t it. When it appeared on the screen I just hit “save as” and kept it!

And here’s one of a sweet dog I met recently.

I haven’t had time to really get in depth with Photoshop yet… I just go in and muck about, but I am starting to pick up a few tricks. More to come!