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Easy Art

I haven’t managed to do as much painting recently as I would like, but just to show that I do actually pick up a paintbrush from time to time, here’s something I made for our new home.  We have a wall next to the dining table that was just begging for a large piece of art, so I decided to paint some graphic shapes on three canvases to fill the space.  I hesitate to call these “paintings,” but it was a fun project and I’m quite pleased with the results.

Making this kind of art is super easy. I started by giving three 18″ x 24″ canvases a base coat of white acrylic paint.  Then it’s time to add the designs…. we love mid-century/atomic/retro/googie style, so I found some appropriate shapes online and sketched them onto the paper side of adhesive vinyl sheets.  Then I cut out the shapes, stuck them to the canvases, and painted around them with turquoise paint. (My 2-year anniversary gift at work was a Tiffany silver pen so I took the box to a paint store, had them scan it in their computer and match the colour… the result being that we now have a gallon of paint in the exact shade of a Tiffany’s box. We’re planning to paint one wall in our living room this colour)

After the paint dried I peeled off my stencils, touched up the edges with white paint where needed, then added freeform gray shadows.  That’s it…. couldn’t be easier. Hanging them in a straight line was probably the most difficult part of the project!