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A page from my sketchbook.  I signed up for a workshop on portraits, it’s coming up later this month and I’m quite excited about it… in the meantime, I thought I’d start warming up by drawing some faces.



The latest from my sketchbook… just a random sketch/collage/doodle that evolved over a couple of days… layers of paper, watercolour pencil and ink.

Sketching again

Here’s a page from a new sketchbook I’ve just started.  Nothing elaborate… the figure is one I drew last weekend based on the cover of a book (about the Tudors). I drew it on a torn off piece of a paper bag, and today I pasted it into my sketchbook with a few other bits of paper and a doodle.

I spent a few hours this evening with my sketchbook. It’s been quite a while since I’ve made time for drawing, painting, cutting, gluing, or just doodling… fun.  My goal is to fill at least one page per week. Should be doable.