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Breathe Now is a conference for women, coming up in Victoria, BC, April 14-15, 2012. As described on the conference web site:

“We all put pressure on ourselves …to be great moms … to be organized … to be great wives … to be great in our careers … to look great … and more, but we often lose sight of ourselves in the midst of keeping up with life.  Sometimes, we forget to stop and reflect that the woman we are today is more than enough! Breathe Now is about getting together with like-minded women, slowing down for a day and a half, and reminding ourselves to Breathe!”

I’m so impressed that four women decided to create this conference, and have done so off the side of their desks while leading busy lives. I can only imagine how busy they are preparing for the weekend!  It looks like it will be an inspiring event, with a great array of presenters lined up.

I am truly excited to be able to attend Breathe Now. I’m looking forward to meeting some creative women, and anticipate coming away from the weekend refreshed and inspired!