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Tying one on

Have you noticed that aprons are everywhere?  The old fashioned apron is cool again, in sort of an ironic, retro way.  I must admit, I’ve been wanting one for a while.  I’m not sure why… maybe looking the part will make me a better cook!  I finally found the perfect one on Etsy made by Boojiboo, and it came yesterday.

Check it out, not only is it super-cute but it’s turquoise!  With little pictures of mid-century furniture!  It’s really well made, too.  Boojiboo is actually three people, a mother and two daughters, who make their own patterns and sew them by hand… beautifully.

You just know I’ll be cooking up old-fashioned pot roasts in this apron, martini in hand, a la Betty Draper. ‘Cause I do that.

….and in case you don’t realize how perfect the colour is, here’s a peek at what we’ve been doing for the past couple of evenings….