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Blossom time!

The trees have started blooming in my city… I just can’t resist snapping a ton of photos this time of year!  

These are a few I took with my iPhone, and then played with in Photoshop.   

I believe the plum trees are the first to blossom… or is it the cherry trees? I’m not sure, but I never tire of the show of pink and white against a blue sky.


Dark skies and twinkly lights

There’s something about colourful lights at night time… I have to get out my camera! Here are a few recent shots.

I walk past this building all the time, but on this evening the purple lights on the second floor caught my eye.  I like the misty, magical feel of this picture.

Moody sky and twinkly lights….

Colourful reflections on a rainy street

iPhone Photo Display

I love the camera on my iPhone, and I use it to take a lot of photos of everyday scenes and objects around the neighbourhood. If you’re like me and do the same thing, you probably have a lot of photos sitting in your “camera roll.” I decided I wanted to display some of them in a casual, fun way.

I found fun little frames that look like polaroids, decided on some photos, sized the images to 3.5″ (to fit the frames) and had them printed. For me, this display is all about little everyday moments. My current random selection includes (L-R, top-bottom) a Starbucks break on a winter day, a sunny stretch of highway heading out of town, our goldfish, twinkly lights in the birch trees around the corner, a mannequin in a second hand shop, those same birch trees in the daytime, a row of “Pop Shoppe” bottles on the market shelf (flashback! I don’t think I’d seen these since the 1970s!), a teapot and cup at a Vietnamese restaurant, trees whizzing by the passenger window, drinks at our last dinner with friends before they moved overseas, the courtyard behind my office and the restaurant patio across the street.

The perfection of each individual image is not as important as the overall effect.  Another time it might be a display of favourite or most recent pictures of family or friends, or maybe objects all in one colour, or a seasonal display…. I sense a spring cherry blossom theme coming soon!

Summertime and the blogging ain’t easy

Well helloooo….. I’m back. Maybe because it’s summer, or because our computer has been kinda slow, but I haven’t had much inclination to update here in quite a while. Time to do something about that, so here’s a random peek at some of the things I’ve been doing and what has been inspiring me lately:

Rainier cherries.

Have you tried them? The yellow ones? They’re delicious. Sometimes when I’m at the market, though, I get distracted by the colours and shapes of the fruits and vegetables, and I’m thinking more about how I would like to paint pictures of them than how I will prepare or eat them. I’ve been thinking about painting fruit lately, and taking photos….

….. seems like every time I come home from the market with fresh fruit, I get my camera out.


I was inspired to make this simple dessert when we had a friend over for dinner. Raspberry jello, chocolate mousse, whipped cream and fresh raspberries. Need I say more?

Flowers in the sunshine.

I’ve been taking a lot of photos of flowers, and also thinking about painting them. These are some sunflowers from a friend… I loved the way their faces looked in the late afternoon sun.

Growing things.

These are some herb and tomato seeds I planted. I made quick markers using little wooden spoons I found, that cost only a few cents each. I’ve also been trying some different types of flowers and plants to see what will grow well, mainly on our north-facing kitchen windowsill, and in our west-facing sun room.

Malabrigo Lace.

This yarn is scrumptious. Even though I used natural light and did everything I could to get the most accurate colours, the photo still doesn’t do justice to its blue-green beauty.  Incredibly soft, and light as a feather…. I have been inspired to start knitting the lovely “Featherweight Cardigan.” Seems a little odd to knit in the summer time, but a few friends and I just started up a new little group and are meeting twice a month, so I’ve been inspired to get the needles and yarn out again now and then.

Baking with bananas!

I am on a quest for the perfect banana bread or muffin recipe!  I’ve tried out a few, and have put my own twist on some of them (with varying success). I did discover that butterscotch chips go well with banana and make the kitchen smell heavenly.  Also that using the oven in the evening during a heat wave is a bad idea, but substituting spiced rum for vanilla is a deliciously good idea. I have more experimenting to do…. I’ll keep you posted.


Some photos I took at the Templeton in Vancouver last weekend. This little diner hasn’t changed much since the 1950s, and the food was good, too.

Handwriting on the wall

I’m test driving a new blog template, what do you think?  I really like it, except for the fact that it won’t allow me to use my own header image, and my blog name is just in some generic font rather than my handwriting, as it was before.  I’ll change it again, but I’ve been wanting to design a new header anyway so I might just leave it like this until then.

I’ve had a cold/flu for the past week, so nothing new has been created lately. I should have something to show you in a few days, though. 

In the meantime, here’s a photo I took a couple of months ago, of a little message I spotted on a wall in Chinatown…


Teapots, times six

Last weekend we were out having tea with friends, and I took this photo.
The squatty teapots and big mug caught my eye.

A nice picture, but let’s open Photoshop and have some fun with it.

First I desaturated the colour, added some grainy texture, and layered an image
(royalty-free) of ink dissolving in water, which gave it sort of a grungy look.

For the next one, I increased the colour saturation and created an adjustment layer
to darken the edges.  It’s my attempt at imitating Lomo photography.

Then I tried blurring the image a little, putting a slight glow on the white areas, and
adding a polaroid-type frame.

Went a little crazy with the next one… filters, adjustments, levels, curves….
I don’t quite remember every step, but it was fun.

Last one… I added just a slight texture, then layered on some swirls from a page
in my sketchbook. I think this one’s my favourite.

Phun with Photoshop

A little experimenting in Photoshop this afternoon. I used a few different layers, some I created myself, and also a texture from here.

The first image is a picture of some tulips I bought at the market yesterday.  The one of cherry blossoms below was a happy accident… I forget what I was trying to do, but this wasn’t it. When it appeared on the screen I just hit “save as” and kept it!

And here’s one of a sweet dog I met recently.

I haven’t had time to really get in depth with Photoshop yet… I just go in and muck about, but I am starting to pick up a few tricks. More to come!

Wordless Wednesday

a tiny vase of grape hyacinths on my mum's embroidered tablecloth