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Still breathing…

I have to tell you how fantastic the Breathe Now conference was on the weekend! It was refreshing, inspiring, fun, educational… I’m still basking in the glow of it and feeling the lingering effects. 

I was a little unsure about going to the conference by myself… I felt a bit nervous about spending two days with a large crowd of people I didn’t know. It’s quite something, then, that the highlight for me is the connections I made. I talked to so many interesting and talented people, including some very creative women who will hopefully be featured soon on Pennello Lane! I scribbled many notes during the weekend; there was a lot to learn from each and every presenter. Meeting the amazing and inspiring Bif Naked was a definite standout moment, and her keynote speech provided many of the nuggets of gold jotted down in my notebook.

One small example of the lasting success of Breathe Now was my thoughts on first waking this morning. Rather than moaning about it being Monday morning I caught myself, and remembered Bif Naked saying “Mondays are new beginnings.” Followed by my new friend Rita Chand (of the “10,000 Hugs in 100 Different Cities” project) saying “Mondays represent blank canvases for me!”  That’s it… I am changing the way I look at Mondays!

The four co-founders did a fantastic job of conceptualizing and creating, this event, which raised money for the Bridges for Women Society. I am already imagining how great it will be next year.  If you can make it to Breathe Now 2013 I encourage you to mark it on your calendar.  And I’ll see you there!


Breathe Now is a conference for women, coming up in Victoria, BC, April 14-15, 2012. As described on the conference web site:

“We all put pressure on ourselves …to be great moms … to be organized … to be great wives … to be great in our careers … to look great … and more, but we often lose sight of ourselves in the midst of keeping up with life.  Sometimes, we forget to stop and reflect that the woman we are today is more than enough! Breathe Now is about getting together with like-minded women, slowing down for a day and a half, and reminding ourselves to Breathe!”

I’m so impressed that four women decided to create this conference, and have done so off the side of their desks while leading busy lives. I can only imagine how busy they are preparing for the weekend!  It looks like it will be an inspiring event, with a great array of presenters lined up.

I am truly excited to be able to attend Breathe Now. I’m looking forward to meeting some creative women, and anticipate coming away from the weekend refreshed and inspired!

And the winner is….

Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway!  It was fun having so many visitors and comments in the past week.

The prize is the Cartolina Home” print… but in addition, Fiona from Cartolina added an assortment of lovely cards, making this an extra lovely prize package.


Here’s a peek….

….and the winner of the draw is………. (drum roll……….)

Debra from Vintage Paper Parade!

Congratulations Debra! Watch your mailbox, there’s a pretty package coming your way!

Giveaway excitement!

It’s been a busy couple of days here on Pennello Lane! Thank you to all the fans of Cartolina who have stopped by so far to enter the giveaway… I’ve never had so many comments on one blog post before! I am in the process of visiting each of you in return, if you have a blog linked to your comment…. it just might take me a little while!

Many of you were already fans of Cartolina, but I’m happy to have also introduced a few of you to Fiona’s lovely blog and products.

If you haven’t already entered the giveaway, you still have time! Go here to leave a comment and be included. I’ll be announcing the winner on March 22nd.

Good luck!