Sneak peeks

I have quite a few projects on the go these days.

These are some sneak peeks at a few of them.

Sometimes it’s fun to hop from one project to another…

the variety of media and techniques can be refreshing….

…but with only so much time in the day, it does take longer to complete any one project!

How about you?

Do you work on multiple projects at once,
or do you focus on one until it’s finished and then move to the next?


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Posted on April 10, 2012, in crafts. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. As many projects as possible! Right now, 3 scarves, I sweater, 3 pictorial quilts, a knitted and beaded clutch purse! You’re right, you never know which project will be interesting at any one time.

  2. Ha! I tend to do that as well although I don’t particularly like it. My life always has been hectic and while I like to be creative to ‘breathe’ in between those unfinished projects can add up the stress lol. BTW talking about unfinished projects, I started a letter to you ages ago but I guess I’d have to re-start that one again 😉
    Will keep you updated on that one!

  3. love the circled sneak peeks though!!

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