Mail art, part two – the contest!

Here’s the envelope I mentioned the other day that I created for Kaitlyn Patience’s mail art contest at isavirtue. The theme was “secret admirer,” so I thought of an envelope within an envelope… someone holding a letter behind their back, maybe hiding it, or shy about giving it to the object of their affection.

I left it to the night before the deadline (I’m not called The Procrastinatrix for nothing!) so I put it together quickly, but it was a fun project. Mike was my hand model. That’s a photo of his hand, and a scan of blue jeans. I cut a flower from a sheet of patterned paper, enhanced it with watercolour pencils, and painted a stem on the envelope. As a finishing touch, I used a rubber stamp of a French postmark.

I painted the back of the envelope, too… a wax seal with a heart, and a “confidential” stamp.

All the contest entries are posted at isavirtue.  There’s quite a variety of media and styles in the display, and a poll to vote for the winner, so head on over there and vote for mine your favourite!


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  1. I love it! I went to the site and voted for you. You’re already listed as #1 on in the survey, so that’s a sign you will win. Good luck!

    • Thanks! Mostly it was a good prompt to create the envelope, and to use a calligraphy pen, which I haven’t done in quite a while, but the contest part is fun too 🙂

  2. Popped in from SITS! That’s such a cute idea!

  3. i Loved hearing more about your piece!

  4. I loved how your mail art turned out! Clever idea and very creative. The result looks awesome! I love how you did it last minute too 🙂
    I wasn’t able to vote (since I wasn’t online and didn’t even know about it) but you do get my belated vote lol. I love Isavirtue’s site too btw.

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