On Saturday I went to the Victoria Tea Festival, and what a fun and inspiring afternoon it was! In addition to the many different teas to taste and tasty treats to sample, there were some creative vendors displaying tea-related jewellery, mosaics, Christmas tree ornaments, cards and more.

One lovely exhibitor was Maxine Munson, who had a table full of teacup candles that I wanted to show you.

Maxine started making the candles last summer. “I had three weddings to attend,” she says, “and I saw the idea on a blog and thought the candles would make a great wedding gift. The packaging and decorating was so much fun and really well received.”

Maxine’s candles are well made, and I love that she sprinkles petals and lavender into the wax… they look like tea leaves!

A dedicated thrift shopper, she goes straight to the china and usually can’t leave a store without a few cute teacups. “Eventually I had so many I decided to sell them at some Christmas craft fairs. I then met some people who told me about the tea festival and the rest was history. I had a lot of fun this past weekend and met a lot of interesting people who share my love for vintage teacups.”

So many different teacups… it would be hard to choose, don’t you think?

Maxine’s main focus is makeup and hairstyling, but her candles are currently available at the Hive Salon on Cormorant Street in Victoria, BC and will soon also be available on her Facebook page.


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  1. very pretty.. lovely idea.

  2. I love these! I saw something similar at a market in Australia too. My question is how does the heat not break the china?

  3. What a delicious idea!

  4. ha! TEAlights…it’s brilliant, i love it.

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