The Woman in White

I sent this painting to a new home today…..

This was done in a figurative painting class. The model was a flamenco dancer who posed, but also moved around quite a bit and danced… it was very inspiring!  I really enjoyed the whole process, and the way this painting developed. I didn’t complete it in the class, and after bringing it home it sat for quite a while before I got back to working on it…. and then I decided to leave it as it was. Somehow, I kind of like the unfinished aspect of this one.

My favourite part was painting the white scarf the model had draped around her shoulders.








In the dramatic lighting of the studio, there were a lot of colours reflected on the white fabric, and it was fun blending them together. In fact, I just realized that some of my favourite paintings have this in common…. I need to do more white paintings!

“The woman in white” has been sitting by my easel for a few years as we don’t really have a place to hang it (being on the larger side at 30” x 40”). I guess I put a lot of myself into each painting… it can be hard to let them go, and I couldn’t bring myself to sell this one.  I’m happy, though, that this one went home with my mum today…. I think it will be appreciated more than when it was just propped beside the easel in my painting corner. I’m looking forward to seeing it hanging in its new home!


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  1. Beautiful. You are so incredibly talented My Dear. xxxx

  2. I saw the white scarf/wrap, and that’s exactly what my inexperienced art eye saw: white. But when reading further, I understood what you mean! I remember Colin Firth in the Girl with a Pearl Earring movie, when he and Scarlett Johansson’s character were discussing the “white” of the clouds. Remember? Very interesting!
    Lovely, lovely painting Kate! It went to worthy hands.

    • Claus, I love that you saw something new in it! 🙂 And thanks for reminding me about that movie, I don’t remember that part…. I need to watch it again!

  3. Beautiful.

    I still say she looks kind of like Minnie Driver. 😀

  4. Heehee…. I’ve only been able to see Minnie Driver ever since you pointed that out! 😉

  5. I always imagine you paint on BIG canvases. Your style has a certain, open and large feeling to it, yet at the same time with the way you often have something hidden from view(a face turned), there is also something mysterious and unanswered there.
    Also–you did an amazing job capturing the scarf with all the colors you saw!

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