Giveaway excitement!

It’s been a busy couple of days here on Pennello Lane! Thank you to all the fans of Cartolina who have stopped by so far to enter the giveaway… I’ve never had so many comments on one blog post before! I am in the process of visiting each of you in return, if you have a blog linked to your comment…. it just might take me a little while!

Many of you were already fans of Cartolina, but I’m happy to have also introduced a few of you to Fiona’s lovely blog and products.

If you haven’t already entered the giveaway, you still have time! Go here to leave a comment and be included. I’ll be announcing the winner on March 22nd.

Good luck!


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An artist and creative living advocate, I blog about Creative Canadian Women at

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  1. You are very talented 🙂 Happy to have found you. I wanted to comment on your banner (or blog title or whichever the technical name is, lol) because it is just gorgeous. After exploring a bit around here I see that it is most likely your artwork, which makes it all the better! Just SO pretty!

  2. Yes, my header (or whatever it’s called!) is my own artwork. Thank you so much… I’m glad you like it!

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