Pasta e Lenticchie

When it comes to cooking, we’ve been on an Italian kick lately.  We’ve been watching Buddy on “Kitchen Boss”… lots of easy, homey Italian recipes. The other night we made Pasta e Lenticchie – pasta with lentils.  You can get the recipe here.

This soup is delicious! And easy to make. We had some parmesan and romano rinds so put them in as the recipe suggests… they never fully melted and had to be removed when the soup was done, but the cheese added a bit of tang and a delicious aroma.  We made a double recipe, so there are several more servings in the freezer to look forward to.

A bowl of this soup, topped with shredded parmesan and freshly ground pepper, with a slice of rustic bread and a glass of red wine…. the perfect meal on a blustery February night.


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  1. I love lentils. Never thought of the combination with pasta though!!
    Sounds like a lovely winterish dish. Comfort food, I love that!

  2. I’ve been eating this meal since I was a kid, my Nan made it the best (IMHO) and now I’m trying to get my nieces to eat it, wish my luck.

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