Just a little thing

Well, that was quite a blog break! After being away for so long I felt like I should come back with something big – and the longer I was away, the bigger I thought it needed to be… and therefore the longer I was away…. do other bloggers go through this, I wonder?

Lately, though, I’ve been inspired by talking to some creative people I know, and I’m hoping to feature some of them here soon… I’m looking forward to introducing them to you!

In the meantime, I have no large projects on the go so I’m back… with nothing big or exciting, just a little thing I made the other day. This necklace was a simple, next-to-no-thought-required, fun little project… just what I was in the mood for the other night. Actually, it seems like a stretch to say I “made” it, when it’s just a matter of choosing beads and stringing them together… I can’t even take full credit for choosing the beads… Mike picked out the big, slightly retro-looking medallion. He has a good eye!  I went with an asymetrical arrangement, and I’m pretty happy with how it came out. Using elastic thread means this project takes no time at all – just tie the ends in a knot, touch it with a dab of hot glue, and trim the ends. Couldn’t be more simple… and sometimes that’s enough.


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An artist and creative living advocate, I blog about Creative Canadian Women at PennelloLane.com

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  1. Course that man of yours has good taste 🙂
    I love the colours you’ve chosen. Its great to see you blogging again my lovely, your words and your style and your passion have been missed xx

  2. Like Sam said, it is GREAT to see a new blog entry here again!! I go through phases, too, where I just can’t and/or don’t care to blog(which makes me a terrible “blogger”, I suppose).
    That necklace is beautiful(love the combination of colors)–stay creative, Ms. K!

  3. Thank you both, it’s nice to be back!

  4. You are back!! Love it 🙂
    I do recognize your thoughts about blogging. It’s not always easy to keep going and then again to come back… I know. And life often gets in the way too. It’s just like that I guess. No worries though. You were missed and I love to have you back but do understand how things go.
    And I *love* your necklace! In the past weeks I have been creating a few jewelry items as well (my tools and material are all back in NL, I cannot take it here that’s why) and I know what satisfaction it gives to make something. I love the way you made it, even if you consider it simple. Love the medallion, it looks retro indeed. And I love the colours you combined it with! Great work!

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