Urban gardening

The latest developments in our seventh-floor wannabe garden…

The lovely blue and white teapot was my grandmother’s. I love it, but it’s not my style (we have a more modern teapot that gets daily use) so it was just sitting in a cupboard. I brought home an African Violet the other day and was searching for a pot to put it in, and voila… instant planter.  That reminded me there was another teapot in our closet, one I had bought ages ago in Chinatown or a secondhand shop, I forget…. that was destined for the thrift shop. Now it’s also part of a growing, eclectic group of planters in our sunroom.

The basil seeds have sprouted!

And the other flowering plants are doing well….


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Posted on August 4, 2010, in home. Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. tea pots!!! my mom loves them and has a collection, both miniatures and normal sizes. She has them on display, but never really thought about turning them into pots! Looks lovely really!!…don’t know if she would want to turn them into pots though :-))
    Beautiful and original project!! Congrats!

    • I agree that using teapots as planters wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea! (teehee) I decided to go ahead, since I won’t be making tea in these ones, but this way I can still enjoy them. I’m glad you like them, Claus!

  2. Wow, Kate, where on earth did the green thumb come from??

  3. Teapots!! I so love those you used for your plants! I really like your little garden. Gives a great sense of joy, doesn’t it!
    Unfortunately our balcony didn’t survive our summer break so I will need to start over 😦

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