Bib necklaces

I mentioned recently that I really wanted to make jewelry. Specifically, bib necklaces.  (I know, I’m a little slow to pick up on this trend… what can I say.)  I’ve seen a few that I nearly bought, but then I thought it would be more fun to make my own. Also, I wanted to make slightly less blingy ones, that would be wearable for daytime.

I gathered a little assortment of supplies…

… and laid out some beads on a piece of felt until I liked the arrangement, then glued them in place. ( I was going to sew them as well, but didn’t have a small enough needle for the tiny holes in the beads…. but with strong glue, I don’t think sewing is necessary.)

Next I trimmed the felt so it wouldn’t be seen from the front (tiny scissors are helpful here), sewed on ribbons (fold the edge under first, so you get a clean edge), and then glued on the last small beads to cover the stitches… and I had a couple of bib necklaces.

Easy, fun, and I made them both in one evening!

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  1. Me again 🙂
    Wow, what an interesting way to make necklaces! I didn’t know this technique yet but it sounds easy and fun indeed! I love the result of the necklaces and it looks nice on you too!
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks! You should make some, I bet there are some interesting beads or other materials available in China… 🙂

  2. Found you from SITS 🙂
    Love the bib necklaces!!! They are great.

  3. I love them!! I am a fan of necklaces, as you know, and these are wonderful. I dn’t have any in that shape or colors, and have never actually dared to make my own. The technique does not sound all that complicated, so I might give it try. First, must go in search of supplies…
    Beautiful necklaces Kate! keep them going!

    • Thanks, Claus! Definitely give it a try… you can’t really go wrong, when you can lay out the beads first til they look right before glueing. And they don’t take very long… I do love instant-gratification crafts! 🙂

  4. I love the looks of these necklaces, but I don’t think I’d ever wear one myself. I’d feel uncomfortable because it’s just not my style. I love the way you did yours with beads though!

  5. Very pretty, I like these very much.

  6. I’m totally in love with bib necklaces right now. (there’s one on my site:
    I really like the simplicity of yours and the way you used stones-like beads. Great work

    • I love your interpretation of bib necklaces too! I’m going to try something a little dressier and blingy next time 🙂

  7. Cute, saw this from the link up with girl creative. Way cute. I love the less ornate version. Totally day time wearable.

    Super cute stuff.

  8. They’re gorgeous – I especially like the one with the square beads. Are they shell beads?

  9. Those are absolutely gorgeous! Wow! Now I want to make one…or twenty! Come over to my world and say hi!

  10. Gorgeous! I have seen many bib necklaces recently, but none like these! So unique and pretty!

  11. Wow! I have never seen anything like these.

  12. love these. I’ve tried the bib necklaces but cant get the right shape. but you have it! they look fab!

    fashion DIY @

  13. Wow! I really love those!

  14. Yours are the first such necklaces I’ve seen. They are wonderful! Well done 🙂

  15. They are so pretty, I love The second one! Thank you for sharing!

  16. Oh my goodness! These are awesome! I’m a novice jewelry maker too, and have been wanting to make a few bib necklaces. 🙂 Great ideas using stone and shell pieces! 🙂

    If you get a chance, take a peek at my new blog,

    Have a great week!
    Erin 🙂

  17. Very clever!!! I love the mother of pearl/round bead necklace. I’m going to have to look round for some beads and have a go! i love big chunky necklaces like that. I fancy something in shades of orange and yellow 😀 xx

  18. Love them both! Especially the white circles… very elegant looking.

  19. Wow, those are great! I want one! I’d have to be careful where I wore it though cause little hands like to grab shiny things. 🙂

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