Sketchy memories

Pont de la Tournelle, Paris

It’s been a while since I’ve completed any creative projects, but when I was going through some boxes of stuff still unsorted from our move last summer, I came across a little (5×7″) sketchbook that I took to Europe in 2000…. thought I’d share some sketches with you.

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I remember sitting by the Seine drawing that bridge on a warm September afternoon. Some girls with clipboards stopped to ask if I would take part in a survey…. a couple asked for directions… all in French, and I loved that I was being mistaken for a local. The collection of Italian food was everything my friend’s family grew at their home, from potatoes to pomegranates… they even made their own wine and olive oil. I penciled it in there, and finished the page while waiting for a train in Villach, Austria. Each little drawing has a lot of memories attached to it… I wish I’d done more of them. I think when you take the time to sit down and draw a view, it really etches it into your memory. The same with taking photos, to a certain extent, but not as much as when you put pencil, pen or brush to paper. I remember studying that bridge closely… counting the windows on the buildings… trying to capture it all.

These are all in France and Italy, which were the first two countries I visited. I was also in Austria and Germany, but had apparently given up sketching by that point. I have hundreds of photos, from this trip and others, and keep meaning to use them as reference for some sketches and paintings.  It’s only been ten years, I’m sure I’ll get around to it one of these days….


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  1. Kate, these are lovely! You are so very talented 🙂 I miss our lunchtimes!

  2. You are so talented. Your drawings are beautiful and so full of memories and life that can bee seen in them.

  3. so jealous. they’re great. i can’t draw to save myself. stopping by via SITS…have a great weekend

  4. They are wonderful! You are so incredibly talented! I love the evening one of Venice.

    Thanks for being a wonderful part of my SITS day, it means the world to me!

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma, What’s For Dinner?

  5. These are so wonderful–the pages from your sketch /travel journal should be published. People(including me) would buy it, most certainly.
    Then you could make lots of money and travel some more, and draw/paint more places so wonderfully!

  6. Kate, these sketches are amazing!!:) Thank you for taking us all to such an exciting trip!!!:) And I think Tina’s idea is brilliant – you should sell your works, make lots of money, travel again and create more beautiful pieces of art!!!:)

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