I heart turquoise

I just discovered  this site for making photo collages.  There are several layouts, and it’s super easy to make collages for your blog. 

These are just some pictures I took around home the other day, on a turquoise theme. Top left is Francisco, the bullimic Siamese fighting fish. To be fair, he’s a recovering bulimic… when we first got him he would only chew food and spit it out; we never saw him actually ingest anything for several weeks, but now he seems to enjoy his three miniscule pellets of food each morning and evening. 

The can of paint (bottom right) was used on the wall (bottom left) and some paintings I did last fall. Pictured with it is my favourite brush, which I’ve used to paint walls as well as portraits (including several of the ones on my gallery page).

I’m working on an idea for several upcoming posts, so soon there should be something more interesting here….. stay tuned!


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An artist and creative living advocate, I blog about Creative Canadian Women at PennelloLane.com

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  1. Of course I knew you loved this colour, but its good to know how much 🙂 (Birthday project on the go)

    What a lovely collage, I’m thinking of making one with the knitting projects I want to start 🙂

    I’m glad Francisco is a recovering bulemic lol I’ve never heard of that, my fish are so greedy its not funny!

    HOW excited am I to read your new blog posts 😀

  2. So cool and tropical, almost.
    And..do I spy a little Shag postcard leaning up in your bookcase?

    • Tina, I knew you’d spot the Shag… makes sense, since you were the one who first introduced me to him! I bought about 8 postcards on eBay, we have some framed but that’s a leftover one 🙂

  3. Yes. I heart turquoise too. And now I heart your blog!

  4. what a cool tool! Thanks for sharing that. I love your blog, by the way. So glad you stopped by mine so I could find yours!

  5. Cool! Iwill have to check this site out. Thanks! Stopping by from SITS!

  6. That’s a great site, I may check it out for some things I’m hoping to do!

    Stopping by from SITS to wish you a happy Easter!

  7. Do I sense a “retro” feeling around you? I love it! the color is really wonderful, very much alike to cyan, which I really love. Also I love, your fish name! Francisco is really cool; glad he eats now!
    Really cool collage Kate!

    • Hey Claus… yes, we definitely have a retro thing going on in our home. As much as possible, we’re trying to create sort of a mid-century atomic look in a 1980s apartment!

  8. It is my favourite colour…yours as well ?
    Thanks for the link! I have bookmarked it!!!

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