Baby love

My latest knit – the pattern is called “Shrug Bug.” I love the scale… chunky yarn, tiny sweater!  A friend kindly obliged by having a baby this month, giving me a reason to make it.

For such a large button this one had surprisingly tiny holes… I couldn’t get one strand of yarn through!  But thanks to Mike and his power tool skills, I was able to finish it off with a piece of matching yarn after sewing it on.

I got to meet the adorable baby today and give her the sweater. Not the girliest of garments, but I used alpaca yarn and it’s so soft.


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  1. What I regret the most now that I’m becoming an auntie, is that I cannot knit!! 😦 If I could, I think I would find myself making lots of beautiful pieces like this one. That baby was lucky! 🙂

  2. This is such a gorgeous little top! Just what I need as I’m to become an auntie in less than 6 weeks – lots of knitting to do! Is the pattern on ravelry at all?

    • Claus – you’ll be a wonderful auntie, with or without knitting! If you ever feel inclined to learn how, baby sweaters are good things to start with since they’re so small!

      Elaine – congratulations! The pattern is indeed on Ravelry, I didn’t put a link here as it wouldn’t work for anyone without a Ravelry membership…. but you can link to it from my projects.

  3. Oh em gee this is so cute! Things like this make me wish I had an adorable baby girl to spoil! Ah well, maybe after October (my wedding).

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