Little things

We hung these spice racks the other day. They’re from Ikea, meant to go inside a cupboard door, but we didn’t use the cupboard-door-mounting-thingy and instead hung them on the wall, one above the other, and made our own labels.

I think the rows of colourful herbs and spices look rather charming.  Just a little thing that makes me happy……


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Posted on February 22, 2010, in home and tagged . Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. Very pretty! Very…Martha Stewart in my eyes 🙂 which is a good thing! I like Martha Stewart’s organizational skills.

  2. Oh Kate! These are so tidy and new and make me ashamed of my jumble of herb jars stuffed in a cabinet next to my stove. I may have to copy your idea one day soon and do something similar.
    And Gee…why do I have a certain line from a Simon & Garfunkle song in my head right now? 😉

  3. *gasp*
    I love them
    I need to add them to my list for the next time I go to Mecca…I mean IKEA.

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