Blue skies and blossoms

I left work a bit early yesterday…. we’re having such perfect spring weather, I just had to get outside with my camera!


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  1. Unbelievable!
    The climate where you live is a wondrous thing. There won’t be anything blooming here for at least a month.

  2. Kate,
    this is unbelievable!!! Here we still have lots of snow and minus degrees…only since yesterday we have got some plus degrees. No green grass…everythings covered with snow stil….and snowdrops will be the first flowers…but this can take some more weeks! Trees in blossom??? Not befeore the end of April!!! Gosh! Never thought you will have such a different climate!!

  3. Spring does come early here. We have several varieties of cherry and plum trees that bloom at different times, from February to May. The blossoms from the first ones are already falling… there is a street nearby that has gutters full of pink petals!

    Tina and Martina, I hope the snow melts soon and you’ll both be seeing flowers soon!

  4. Wonderful pictures! what an eye you have! beautiful weather indeed, just as we are having here, only ours is a bit summery with temperatures reaching 30°C

  5. Kate, these pictures are amazing!!!:) No blooming trees here yet /as far as I know/, but the weather has become much milder and sunnier so I can feel the spring is coming…finally!!!:)

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