Baked with love inside

I baked a cake yesterday…..

with a little surprise inside.

I’ll let you in on the secret…. the trick is all in the pans. One has a depression in the shape of the bottom half of the heart, the other has the top half. You fill the depressions with something gooey and yummy (I did raspberry mousse) before sandwiching them together. It’s very simple, but looks oh-so-clever when you slice the cake.

It was delicious, too…. but then you really can’t go wrong with chocolate and raspberries, can you?


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  1. Gorgeous!
    Bet it’s as delicious as it is adorable 🙂

  2. I just tweeted this because it’s so gorgeous – great job!

  3. You can’t go wrong indeed!! It looks delicious!, and very beautiful. Good job!

  4. I agree-raspberry and chocolate is a perfect pairing!
    Such a pretty cake. (you are being quite the kitchen magician lately, aren’t you?)

  5. Wonderful! Good thing you told us how you did it, otherwise I would have suspected you of witchcraft 😉 That is one amazing cake!!!

  6. hehehhe Audrey, I still do suspect witchcraft! Thanks for sharing your secret KT, but one more thing…how did you manage to cut it so you didnt get brown crumbs on the mousse? Whenever I cut a cake it always ends up in a crumby mess with the frosting or icing smeared all through it lol

    see Audrey…witchcraft xx

    • No witchcraft involved, honest! I’m not sure how it sliced that neatly, Sam, although if you look closely you’ll see the right side isn’t quite so tidy…. which is why I angled the cake that way, of course…. and I will confess to picking out a few crumbs with the tip of a knife before taking the picture!

  7. I love the look of that cake!!!! Very impressive – and thanks for spilling the beans on the “trick” !!! LOL
    Thanks, too for visiting my blog and your sweet comment on my SITS day! I enjoyed your visit and do come back often. I’ll love seeing your sweet name again on my blog!

    and DO try the pink lemonade bread!!!


  8. OH! Soooo cool! This could make even ME look like a domestic diva! LOVE it!

  9. Laura Morand Bailey

    Where did you find the pans with the depressions in them – or did you do it yourself?

  10. This is so cute! I love it!

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