Holidays = cookies

I had a fun day with my niece… out for lunch, browsing pet shops, watching a movie, and baking & decorating Valentine’s Day-inspired cookies  (what is it about holidays that makes me want to decorate cookies?) We ended up with dozens… I kept these, and she took home about three times as many. We discovered there was no vanilla in the cupboard to flavour them so used almond flavouring instead, and they turned out quite tasty.

The Superbowl was today… I didn’t watch it, other than to wander through the room now and then and ask Mike the score, but it was an excuse to make these….


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  1. Hello – Delicious-looking cookies! And lovely Ishbel in your autumn colour. Read your comment on Ysolda’s website that you used an Excel stitch count chart and am wondering if I could purchase a copy of that chart? First time lace kntter, have looked over the pattern, and I know I’d appreciate such a tool to help me!

    Gina C.

    • Thanks, Gina!

      I just used the chart that comes with the pattern, nothing extra… it’s available at Ysolda’s web site. Her patterns are so well-written, I think Ishbel is a great one for a first lace project. Good luck with it, and thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. The cookies look too good to eat! The footballs are adorable.
    I am about to heat up the oven for some Valentine’s Day cupcake baking, which I’ll be making using a box mix and store bought frosting. Not as creative as your baked Holiday goodies(but I am sure they’ll be eaten up just the same)

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