Speaking of getting organized….

…. or I will in a minute, but first here are some of the yarns I’ve got queued up for upcoming projects.

I’m loving these soft gray/blues. I’ve been collecting them here and there, and the tweedy one below was put in my Christmas stocking by Mike.  He did a good job choosing!

And….. ta-da…. my new needle case!  Ok, unless you’re a knitting geek or love bags like I do, it’s probably not all that exciting, but I’m rather tickled with it. I’ve been looking for a while for a replacement to my decades-old, too-small needle case, which was made to hold only long, straight needles – no short sock-type needles and definitely no circulars, so my needles and other tools have been spread about in various different bags or containers, making it difficult to actually find anything when I need it. Not to mention, it was made from sort of tacky looking fake tapestry.

Now this is the case for me. It looks like an envelope when closed….

…and inside has lots of pockets for straights, circulars, interchangeables… the works. There’s also a zippered pocket for a  tape measure, stitch markers, and other tools, and a larger pocket for who-knows-what-else.

The left side fastens with a button, the right side and the outside flap have hidden magnets to keep them closed. I had thought it would be cool to make my own case but, realistically, it would be ages before I could figure out and make one anywhere near as lovely as this.

It was a bit of an indulgence but sometimes, when it’s for something you love to do, it’s very nice to have some quality tools and materials if you can.


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  1. ahhh order….my kind of thing!! Lovely case!, and so well organized inside! Hasn’t it made your life – knitting life – much more easier? and so much fun? Good for you!! On a personal note, I had no idea there were so many types of needles!!!

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