So I was out and about this afternoon, and I ended up in a yarn shop (it tends to happen).  Knotty by Nature, to be specific, where I had a gift certificate to spend (thanks, Robin!)  I ended up with some really yummy Malabrigo worsted in a colourway called Sotobosque, which I’ve now learned is Spanish for “undergrowth.”  It’s a beautiful mixture of brown and pink. I have no idea what I will make out of it, but finding that out is part of the fun.

What also caught my eye were the names for some of the spinning tools on the shelves. I have no idea what these gadgets are for but I had to take a photo. “Lazy Kate” and “Katie-a-Go-Go”… sometimes I feel one way or the other, for sure!

I also started a new project.  This is the gorgeous McClellan Fingering from Three Irish Girls in the colourway “Georgia Peach” that I wrote about here. I wanted to make some type of wrap/scarf, something that I could finish fairly quickly, so I’m making yet another Ishbel since I’m familiar with the pattern by now… this will be my fourth one.  What can I say, it’s a great pattern.  The other three were gifts so I’m looking forward to having one for myself.


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  1. I loved the picture of ‘Lazy Kate’ and “Katie-a-Go-Go’ gadgets!!!:) What a cute coincidence indeed!!!:) Thanks for putting a smile on my face today!!!:)

  2. No kidding you had to take a photo!! 🙂
    Love the color of the yarn(in the third photo)–yummy shades that are my favorite.

  3. YUM! Georgia peach, it not only looks edible but it makes me long for summer days, fresh peaches, scent of blossoms..

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