Sketching again

Here’s a page from a new sketchbook I’ve just started.  Nothing elaborate… the figure is one I drew last weekend based on the cover of a book (about the Tudors). I drew it on a torn off piece of a paper bag, and today I pasted it into my sketchbook with a few other bits of paper and a doodle.

I spent a few hours this evening with my sketchbook. It’s been quite a while since I’ve made time for drawing, painting, cutting, gluing, or just doodling… fun.  My goal is to fill at least one page per week. Should be doable.


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  1. Wow, Kate, this is so beautiful!!!:) You have such an unique artistic talent!!!:) I’m watching the TV show ‘The Tudors’ and I realized I’m greatly impressed by this period of the English history…:) This made me like and appreciate your sketch even more!!!:)

  2. I want to frame that for you!! Love it….
    …..funny, I only this past weekend, started drawing and doodling around again, too(after a long break from it).

    • aww thanks, Tina… framing would improve it! 😉 Funny you started drawing again too, hope to see some of your sketchbook pages on your blog!

  3. Kate,
    this is such a beautiful sketch and the whole side is amazing!! I love it!

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