Give us those nice, bright colours…

In the words of Paul Simon…. c’mon, sing it with me…. “I got a Nikon camera, I love to take a photograph…..”

Yes, after about….. oh, thirty years of loving to take photographs, but being somewhat challenged by the limitations of simple point-and-shoot cameras, yesterday I got myself a beauty – a Nikon D3000.  (if I could attach a sound bite you’d hear a gleeful “yippee!” here)  Sure, there are higher end, more professional (and more expensive) cameras out there, but after some research and the advice of a professional-photographer friend, I decided this one is mine. It’s got the features I wanted, it feels great to hold, and interchangeable lenses?!  Really, you have no idea… I’ve been grinning since I brought it home.

Here’s a picture of it (not a great one, of course, since it was taken with the old camera) I’ve really only just taken it out of the box, so other than fondling it I haven’t done much with it yet, but I’m looking forward to the quality of my photos improving.

This has got me thinking about how long I’ve waited for a “real” camera, and remembering some of my favourite photos I’ve taken in the past.  I was sort of introduced to photography at age 13 when, in a school project, my classmates and I were each given a pinhole camera to experiment with over a weekend. I went to the fairgrounds where some horse show or other was going on. Back at school on Monday, we were shown how to open the camera and remove the film inside a protective black fabric bag, and developed our film in trays of mysterious liquids.  Most of my little strip of film didn’t turn out, but amongst the blurry or completely black frames I remember the thrill of seeing one clear, sharp, black and white portrait of a horse looking over a stable door. The picture itself has since been lost, but I remember the fun of going out to the fairgrounds, walking around for a couple of hours looking for just the right shots, angling for the best views, and then the satisfaction of creating beautiful images.

Guess what I’ll be doing this weekend?


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Posted on January 8, 2010, in photography. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. Will look forward to the coming photos you’ll be taking with this new camera.
    When I was in art college, I “borrowed” a similar camera for the pitiful one photography class I was able to squeeze into my schedule then, and we actually had to go into a dark booth to load and unload the film…ahhhh…the old days.

  2. hey, I know that lane!
    Congrats on the new camera!!
    …and the blog too…good job!

  3. Congrats on getting a new camera! Looking forward to your photos! Thinking of getting another one as well…wanted to buy one for Christmas, but then thought I will wait a bit. I always hope these things will finally become cheaper, but no….:(((

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