Easy Art

I haven’t managed to do as much painting recently as I would like, but just to show that I do actually pick up a paintbrush from time to time, here’s something I made for our new home.  We have a wall next to the dining table that was just begging for a large piece of art, so I decided to paint some graphic shapes on three canvases to fill the space.  I hesitate to call these “paintings,” but it was a fun project and I’m quite pleased with the results.

Making this kind of art is super easy. I started by giving three 18″ x 24″ canvases a base coat of white acrylic paint.  Then it’s time to add the designs…. we love mid-century/atomic/retro/googie style, so I found some appropriate shapes online and sketched them onto the paper side of adhesive vinyl sheets.  Then I cut out the shapes, stuck them to the canvases, and painted around them with turquoise paint. (My 2-year anniversary gift at work was a Tiffany silver pen so I took the box to a paint store, had them scan it in their computer and match the colour… the result being that we now have a gallon of paint in the exact shade of a Tiffany’s box. We’re planning to paint one wall in our living room this colour)

After the paint dried I peeled off my stencils, touched up the edges with white paint where needed, then added freeform gray shadows.  That’s it…. couldn’t be easier. Hanging them in a straight line was probably the most difficult part of the project!


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  1. Retro: exactly what came to mind when I saw the picture. Very pretty!, and it seems not that complicated…though for me, who knows! ;-))
    Good work!

  2. This looks cool!
    Thanks for your comment on my Blog! What a nice surprise!! As you can see I mostly only post now about my card making stuff…not much private life though…..(except the sad happeneings lately). Hope the Blo does not bore you…it is lovely to see you here again!!

  3. So cool!! I really love it K. It’s awesome. You are so creative!
    You may be proud of yourself, even super easy…you still got the idea to do this!
    I think it looks great in your dining area 🙂

    By the way, did you know it’s snowing at your blog?? Looks very like December here!

  4. Hi!
    I was just wondering if you left the vinyl on after you painted or took it off. Also–did you hand paint in that shadowing around the shapes?
    Thanks for the great ideas!

    • Hi Vanessa! After the paint dried I peeled off my stencils, then added the gray shadows by hand. You could really do this without stencils at all… I already had the adhesive vinyl and thought I’d try it, but next time I would just draw the shapes and paint them in.

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