Button Love

I have a growing collection of buttons.  Sometimes I look for a specific type of button for a particular project, and sometimes I buy buttons just because I like them, assuming they will inspire the right project.  Often they wait a very long time to be put to use, but I enjoy them anyway… beautiful buttons can be like miniature works of art.  My buttons are not organized or separated into sets or types… I have them all mixed together in a ceramic bowl.  I love how they look and if I need a particular button, I enjoy sifting through them all to find it.

The black and white beauties in the photo above are vintage. There are about a dozen of each kind, so several sets that will be great for cardigans… either future ones I will knit, or store-bought.  I like replacing buttons on clothing…. a few years ago I lost a button from a favourite wine coloured cardigan, so rather than try to find a matching one I replaced all the boring, plain buttons with lovely mother of pearl ones. They brought new life to a tired old sweater, and it’s a favourite again.

These ones are handmade ceramic buttons I bought on Etsy from Heartstone.

I was so glad to find this seller, she makes the most gorgeous buttons…. the cobalt blue swirly ones are a perfect match for a cardigan I’ve been knitting (on and off) for myself.  I think the tiny blue and white ones will end up on a baby’s sweater or maybe on a hat, and the large green and violet one is for a scarfy thing I have nearly finished. The sweet light blue buttons with little birds….. those were a last minute addition to my shopping cart that I just couldn’t resist. I love the idea of finishing off a hand-knit or sewn item with such beautiful handmade buttons, I can’t wait to use these.

Here’s another favourite, made from a Tagua palm nut, indigenous to the Amazon Rainforest.  The nuts are collected after they ripen and fall from the trees, and slices of the nuts (called vegetable ivory) are dyed bright colours and made into buttons.  I used this button on a little jacket I made for my great-nephew.

A few weeks ago I mentioned a button shop I visited in Vancouver…. here’s my local go-to shop for buttons, as well as yarn and knitting-related items.  Scads of buttons… this is where I found the Tagua nut.  And I just love the button sign outside their door!


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  1. I love that button shop sign, too.
    I would never have thought of it, since I don’t make clothes or knit, but buttons and seeking out nice ones, are important!

  2. I actually never thought of changing the buttons of a piece of clothing. What a clever idea!, and a wonderful way to personalize it and make it a favorite or even more special. The plain, transparent ones they usually come with are awful.
    Great store sign also! Can’t make otherwise from it 🙂

  3. I must take a photo of some of my buttons too, i adore buttons, have done since i was a child and used to play with Ningas button tin. what a lovely idea for a blog post 🙂 Just need to get off my lazy backside now and do it xx

  4. It was lovely to see this photo of the sign shop. They are a customer of ours once again. Please take a look at our novelty buttons: lilacbowyoke.com
    and visiting Button Button to see them in person.

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