Thinking Pink

While I was at home with the flu last week, a lovely package arrived in the mail from Three Irish Girls.  Back in July, I’d spotted their gorgeous limited edition colourway of yarn called Georgia Peach in “Sock Summit 2009” and HAD to order some.  They were inundated with orders, apparently, and it took longer than expected to arrive, but I was glad it came when it did…. what a nice pick-me-up in the midst of my fever, chills and aches.

The yarn is McClellan Fingering, a merino/bamboo blend which is lovely and soft, but with a bit of sheen to it. And it’s just so…. peachy!  I have no idea what I will knit with it. For now I’m just enjoying admiring the skein as it is. If a skein of yarn can be a work of art, this one surely is.

The second yarn I ordered is Beckon Stretch Merino, in the colourway called Elsbeth.  As a friend just pointed out, it’s rather reminiscent of Neapolitan ice cream.

Normally I’m drawn to blues and greens, but apparently I was in a pink mood on the day I placed this order. I’m glad though, they did brighten my day. 

In the last few days, although still coughing and sniffling, I’ve felt up to doing some knitting. I finished a hat (except for weaving in the loose ends)…. this is made from my own hand-dyed yarn, kettle-dyed in a workshop I did in the summer. I’m happy with the denim-y look of it. The hat weighs 72 grams, and the leftover yarn weighs 54 grams…. I’m looking for a lacey pattern to hopefully squeeze a second hat out of it.

I also made a lacey scarf out of a mossy-green-with-touches-of-blue Malabrigo, this went up really quickly as it’s the fourth time I’ve knit this pattern (Ishbel).

I had a couple of green yarns queued up for my next projects but that pink yarn calling to me.  I think there is a pair of Neapolitan Ice Cream gloves in my future…..


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  1. Wow, what beautiful colours!! They both do remind me of icecream in some way! Can imagine you feel like admiring them for a while without starting off 😉
    The hat looks awesome too!!
    And so good to read you are doing so much better! It took you a while hey! Well, full spirit back to life it is now :-). Enjoy it!

  2. I love that hat!!!! These kind are very “in” at the moment and I usually see them in black and grey and just simple…but yours is just something different and lovely!!!!

  3. Love the hat and I’ve always loved your mossy ishbel. i have yet to try my own, your green/blue yarn is destined for another ishbel, also my mad yarn will be one one day.

    i saw a skein of jitterbug yarn from collinette which was sort of grey and pink and absolutely gorgeous, but at £10 a skein it had to stay there for a while. xx

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