Buttons and Other Beauties


We were in Vancouver on the weekend for a short getaway. In between a football game, wine tasting, meeting up with friends old and new, and navigating around the pre-Olympic hype, we spent a morning hunting down some home design and crafty shops, mostly in the Gastown area.  Here are a few of them.

Our first stop, and one of my favourites, was WOW Interiors – a small store with some great midcentury pieces and reproductions.  I fell in love with this little 1960s Jetsons-esque TV, isn’t it adorable?  Honestly, if the price tag wasn’t so high it would definitely have been coming home with me.


Koolhaus has fantastic furniture, lighting and accessories. In particular this bed, which is such a great idea…. I’m a fan of saving space and furniture that does double duty, and this would hold all the bed linens and more. Not to mention, it opens and closes like a dream with just one hand. It’s been added to my list of items to buy when I win the lottery. Those lamps are pretty cool, too.


We couldn’t resist stopping by the Gastown Nood to see if they had anything different from our favourite store at home, and indeed they did.  We’ll be checking “our” Nood soon to see if they have the new gadgets.

One shop where I could afford to make some purchases was Button Button.  As the name suggests – it’s all buttons, all the time. Scads of buttons on tables around the shop, and thousands more in shallow drawers waiting to be discovered. 

A cute row of tiny sweaters hung in the window, each one about 2 inches high.


I picked out a set of mis-matched large mother-of-pearl buttons, which I think would look great on a cardigan….


…. and a bagful of tiny ones for clustering on a hat, or edging the cuffs of a pair of gloves.


I’m not sure what I will do with these little ones, but couldn’t resist…


And finally, a set of Japanese silk buttons in lime and black. Perhaps destined for a black cardigan…


Thanks for joining me for a little window shopping!


About Kate

An artist and creative living advocate, I blog about Creative Canadian Women at PennelloLane.com

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  1. a store of buttons. What a great idea! I don’t think we have one around here…then again, I’m not part of the knitting world, so maybe there is one, but unknown to those like me 🙂
    Great selection!

  2. Button….button…who’s go the coolest buttons(Bette!)? You do! These are wonderful buttons.
    And that “Jetsons” TV is adorable!

  3. Hmm… I love the home design shops and love your pics of it as well. I guess we more or less have the same taste in home design. I could have choosen the same items 🙂

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