Hallowe’en Cookies… warts and all

halloween webcookies

I made cookies last night with a good friend.  Simple, basic sugar cookies… I do love them, and with Hallowe’en in a few days it was a good excuse to make some.

For spiderwebs I made round cookies, iced them, then piped on a spiral in a constrasting colour and dragged it with a toothpick.  If I’d put more thought into it, I’d have figured out a way to make little spiders….  maybe next year.

halloween fingercookiesI also tried my hand at witches’ fingers. One of my co-workers has brought these to the office the last few years, and I really wanted to try making some.

A few drops of green food colouring in the dough, a bit of sculpting, a little cookie dough-wart and an almond for a fingernail… voila.

They grew a bit in the oven – these were some pudgy witches! (or Shrek fingers, maybe?) but we thought the nails were pretty funny – they went into the oven as clean, blanched almonds, and came out looking for all the world like dirty, raggedy fingernails!

I was going to add a little red icing around the nails for blood, but decided they were already “ugly” enough.  They are, however, a nice size and shape for dunking in your tea or coffee.


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  1. Great cookies. The warty fingers truly are ugly – a real tribute to your creative talent though. Not sure I’d want to dunk them in my coffee as they’re too realistic looking – especially the almond nails! 🙂

  2. Amazing! such great cookies, and unique to say the least. LOVE the fingers!! I think I’m going to try them next year…or do I have time for tomorrow? …

  3. They are Boo-ti-ful!! Too perfect to eat…almost! 😉

  4. I tried…I REALLY tried, and I got nothing remotely similar to a witche’s finger. At first I thought I could have made a monster’s one, but they came out nicely tasting, but awfully looking. Oh well…I won’t give up with baking!…though it seems sometimes that I have the same luck I do with knitting :-))

  5. Kathryn – you’re right, they ARE sort of borderline unappetizing! 😉

    Claus, I’m tickled you liked my cookies enough to bake your own! If they taste good and are fun to make, those are most important, right? 🙂 I’m sure they looked good too!

  6. Wow you are so creative!! Look at those fingers!! And even the basic sugar cookies look devine with the spiderwebs on it :-). So great (and yummie, I love those simple sugar cookies!)

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