Rear Window


Ready for Inspiration!

This is my painting corner in our new home. It’s on our glassed-in balcony, which is starting to get a bit chilly now… especially in the evenings.  In the afternoons when the sun shines in the windows it’s still pretty nice…. unfortunately that leaves only the weekend afternoons, when I should be getting some chores done. I need to get a space heater, and then I think it’ll be just dandy out there. Before this I lived in 430 sq.ft., so having a place to leave the easel set up permanently feels extravagant!

I love our view. From this spot I can see houses, apartments, office buildings, church steeples, trees, hills, sunsets and even a small glimpse of the ocean.  There’s a rooftop garden, and someone two blocks away with a TV so huge we can tell what show they’re watching. There’s a tower with a clock, “our clock,” that we look at to see what time it is… but have to remember it’s running five minutes slow. There are a few cranes working on shiny new condominiums, and the shabby old disreputable apartment building where we went to pick up some secondhand lamps we bought on craigslist . And there’s the empty apartment in the building behind us that we looked at the same day we looked at the one we eventually moved into…. that other one has a living room like a bowling alley with glass brick and wall-to-wall pink shag carpet.  It’s still empty.

With so much going on out there, I’m sure to be inspired to put something on that empty canvas….. right?  As soon as I can find (or make) some time to spend with it.



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  1. I *so* love your painting corner! It looks so cozy and inspirational. The light is great, I’d say perfect for being creative!!
    And I loved the way you described everything you can see from there :-).
    I really like corners like that in the house. I hoped we would have one in this apartment but I haven’t found ‘my creative spot’ yet. But sofar I haven’t had much time either so I don’t think about it too much lol.

  2. Beautiful spot! I bet it must have a wonderful view during winter, when things are snowy, perhaps? Good call not moving into the pink-carpeted apartment…I wonder who will like it though? There are tastes for everybody 🙂

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